Cased Colt M-1849 Pocket Revolver

Item #: 22191

Excellent Original High Condition Civil War Era 5 Inch Barrel Revolver '

Made: 1865 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: 1849

Condition: Excellent

Price: $5,950 USD
Civil War Starr Carbine Used By 1st Arkansas Cavalry

Item #: J-040220-1

Very Fine 1st Ark Co I Marked Percssion Carbine'

Made: Civil War / Yonkers, New York
Maker: Starr Arms Co

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $5,750 USD
Colt M-1851 Navy Revolver Factory Engraved

Item #: 22519

36 Caliber 1863 Manufactured Factory Engraved Revolver'

Made: 1863 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: 1851

Condition: VG+

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Colt M-1861 Navy Revolver Shipped To Navy

Item #: GS-135

Excellent 36 Caliber 6 Shot Revolver with Factory Letter Shipped to Navy 1861'

Made: 1861 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: 1861

Condition: Excellent

Price: $9,950 USD
Colt Police Revolver Factory Case Set

Item #: 22881

5 Shot 36 Caliber 4 1/2 Inch Barrel M-1862 Police Colt Revolver Mfg 1862'

Made: 1862 / US
Maker: Colt
Model: 1862

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $6,950 USD
Colt Third Model Deringers Engraved & Cased

Item #: JJOB-065

Pair of Engraved 41 Caliber Deringers'

Made: C.1870s-80s / US
Maker: Colt
Model: 3rd

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $6,500 USD
Gwyn & Campbell Type II Carbine

Item #: JJOB-205

Minty Unissued Condition Civil War 52 Caliber Carbine'

Made: Civil War / Hamilton, Ohio
Maker: Edward Gwyn & Abner Campbell
Model: Type II

Condition: Excellent+

Price: $5,950 USD
Merrill First Model Carbine 3 Digit Serial Number

Item #: FH56

Very Rare Early 1st Model Short Stock Carbine'

Made: Civil War / Baltimore,MD
Maker: J.H.Merrill
Model: 1st

Condition: Fine+

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Moore's No.1 Deluxe Engraved Pair of Deringers

Item #: 72120-1

Exact Same Pair Pictured in Book with American Eagle & Shield Motif'

Made: Civil War  / Brooklyn,NY
Maker: Moore's Patent Firearms Co
Model: No.1

Condition: Fine+

Price: $8,750 USD
Remington M-1875 Single Action Revolver

Item #: 22195A

Very Fine Rare 5 3/4" Barrel Revolver'

Made: C.1870s / Ilion,New York
Maker: E.Remington & Sons
Model: 1875

Condition: VG-Exc

Price: $5,250 USD