Colt Dragoon Revolver Second Model Martial

Item #: JK-061521

Very Rare Original US Martial revolver'

Made: 1850 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: Second

Condition: Fine

Price: $12,900 USD
Colt M-1860 Army Revolver Engraved with Carved Grips

Item #: 23105A

Oriignal Engraved Revolver with Carved Mexican Grips'

Made: 1868 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: 1860

Condition: VG+

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Colt M-1861 Navy Revolver

Item #: JK110420-1

Very Nice Revolver with Factory Letter Shipped to Navy 1861'

Made: 1861 / New York
Maker: Colt
Model: 1861

Condition: Fine

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Richmond 1864 Dated Carbine

Item #: GR-80421

Untouched Original Confederate Civil War Carbine'

Made: 1864 / Richmond, VA
Maker: Richmond Armory

Condition: Good

Price: $6,500 USD
Sharps M-1859 Rifle

Item #: 22186

Very Nice Original Civil War Breechloading Rifle with Bayonet Lug'

Made: Civil War  / Hartford,Ct
Maker: Sharps
Model: 1859

Condition: Fine+

Price: $5,950 USD
Springfield Armory M-1842 Musket New Jersey Marked

Item #: JJV-460

Exceptional 1845 Dated 69 Caliber Musket Second Year of Manufacture'

Made: 1845 / Springfield Mass
Maker: Springfield Armory
Model: 1842

Condition: Excellent

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